Introducing Katrina Graves, a proud Wiradjuri woman and our first artist collaborator.

Gurawiny Flowers

Flowers on the hill is the name of our first artwork shown across our rolls. Reflecting Katrina's family and roots.

Katrina's love of art comes from her mother. Working from her studio on the Gold Coast, Katrina says:

"I've always been encouraged to practice my culture and to teach others about our history and stories. For me, art is not only a great way to share our stories but to educate people through different lenses."

Wiradjuri Learnings

  • Wiradjuri Country

    Wiradjuri country is the largest in NSW,stretching from the eastern boundary of the Great Dividing Range. Drawing a line from the present towns of Hay and Nyngan approximates the western boundary. While Gunnedah and Albury mark the northern and southern boundaries of Wiradjuri country.

  • Respect for country

    The Wiradjuri people of Gundagai and Brungle lived in harmony with plants, animals, land and the water. They believed they didn't own the land but they were responsible for looking after it. They were mindful of the seasons and knew when different plants and animals were available at different times of the year.

  • Language

    Yaama — Hello
    Yiradhu marang! — Day Good!
    Yamandhu marang? — Are you well?
    Waganha — Dance
    Wuurrar — Satisfied
    Dyili — Action
    Garrandurang — Paper