Sharing more yarns of country

We are pumped to introduce our latest artist Bayley Mifsud, a proud descendant of Peek and Kirrae Whurrong clans of the Mar Nation, from Warrnambool (South West Victoria.) Bayley's Aboriginal name Merindah-Gunya means 'Beautiful Spirit' and was gifted to her by her parents and through a naming ceremony on country, supported by Elders and community. 



Bayley's art can be seen on netball jerseys, mural walls, in schools and lately on the box of Roses chocolates. To have Bayley share her work with our Yarn'n rolls is a dream come true for us. Bayley is also a proud ambassador of the Australian Literacy and numeracy Foundation (ALNF) - partnering with likeminded mob to help educate, inspire and unite our whole island home is our passion and our purpose.


Bayley's work for the Yarn'n rolls is title "Kapa Ngoonang - Sunset" and captures the essence of Warrnambool's beach. " As I gaze upon it, memories flood back of evenings spent with my cousins, watching this breath-taking view over the breakwater. It's difficult to articulate the deep connection I feel to this land – a sense of safety, love, and respect ingrained in every sunset witnessed back on Country.



Bayley's rolls are currently in production and will be launching late June. We will keep you updated and look forward to seeing these rolls adorn bathrooms across our island home soon!


Check out more of Bayley's work here »